What is MeetPlenty.com all about?
MeetPlenty.com is a 100% free service that helps singles meet other singles with similar interests.

Is this service for free? Because many other dating sites say they are free but after creating an account, they ask for a monthly payment in order to let you interact with other users.
Unlike other dating sites we are 100% free and once you create an account you will be able to message other users and receive messages from them right away.

I receive emails when someone messages me but when I check my inbox I dont see the new message. Where is it?
You have most probably received scam messages which we constantly remove from system. Unfortunately wherever there is a free service there are scam users as well, that's why we are working hard to remove any that we detect. If you receive messages from normal user's you will certainly see it in your inbox.

If I have any problems regarding to my account what do I do?
Simply  go to http://meetplenty.com/pageHome.aspx and send a message regarding your issue and our admin will reply you as soon as possible. If you have forgotton your Username/Password, you can still contact us by emailing at info@meetplenty.com.
Scam users?
Please be aware of scam users, if you receive messages asking for your personal email address or claiming that you won a prize or anything of that sort, please DO NOT believe those and simply report them so we can delete their account. We constantly remove scams as soon as they are detected.


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